The EKO approach to caring requires that healthcare workers are also knowledgeable in how to confirm that a patient has suffered one or more suspected miscarriage or IUFD. Through understanding and training in the EKO approach healthcare professionals increase their ability to be sympathetic and empathetic to a patient’s needs, whether they are meeting with them or talking to them on the telephone.


Intimate knowledge about how the grieving process works is essential to be able to provide optimum support to the patient. It may be that this support gives them the courage to try to conceive again. One key aspect of the EKO-model is open and clear communication between the healthcare personnel and the patient, whether face-to-face or remotely. The structured EKO conversation provides a viable tool to help healthcare professionals assist patients in coming to terms with their loss.


Research shows that, when the EKO-model is used, patients feel that they have received the proper professional care when they needed it. The EKO-model recommends offering to meet the patient one or two times but more sessions can be scheduled as necessary.








of pregnancy loss







2 h, EKO-model introduction lecture

In order to reduce the silence and the secrecy that seems to surround miscarriage it is vitally important to have a greater awareness about women’s experiences and their feelings about the loss of pregnancy.


Lecture and workshop

4 h, a half day including useble material

The EKO-model provides a sequence of questions and advice for telephone conversations that gives trained midwives, nurses and patients a sense of security in a potentially tense situation.



A day learning structured EKO-conversation and workshop

A lecture on the structured EKO call process and follow-up of caring for patients that have experienced pregnancy loss gives viable benefits to the individuals affected.



A half day checkup about practice EKO-model

During a group session, the participants report and discuss their own reflections and experiences of the clinical application of EKO.




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